TeaTV is a famous streaming app to get movies and television shows for free. It has an intuitive interface so that users can easily find the content they want. TeaTV competes with well-known streaming apps like Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Nova TV, and Stremio. Since it is a third-party app you cannot install the app from the Amazon App Store. So, you can use the Downloader app to download and install the TeaTV apk on your Firestick.

Key Features

  • It can work with the Mouse toggle app to search or select a title.
  • Supports Real-Debrid and Trakt to get download links and sync your favorites.
  • Stream your favorite titles in 720p and 1080p HD quality.
  • Refreshes the library with new releases every week.

How to Download TeaTV on FireStick

As stated before, you have to use the following apps to sideload the TeaTV APK on Firestick. Therefore, you need to either install Downloader or ES File Explorer to proceed with the sideloading process.

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Steps to Get Downloader / ES File Explorer on Firestick

  • Go to the Firestick home screen.
  • Click Find and Select Search.
  • Type Downloader (or) ES File Explorer.
  • Select Downloader (or) ES File Explorer.
  • Click Get/Download.


After installing a Downloader or ES File Explorer, follow these steps to turn on a few settings, which are mandatory.

#1 From the home screen of your Firestick, click the Settings icon.

Click on the Settings icon on the home screen

#2 Further, click on My Fire TV.

Click on My Fire TV under settings

#3 Click Developer options.

click Developer options under My Fire TV

#4 Turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Turn On from the pop-up.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

How to Download TeaTV on Firestick using Downloader

Downloader is used to download files from the web and install it on your Firestick.

#1 Open the Downloader app on your Firestick. Click Allow if it prompts you to access files.

Downloader app

#2 On the URL field, type the URL https://bit.ly/2Q3kH0L and click GO.

#3 The TeaTV app will begin downloading from the server.

TeaTV on FireStick using Downloader

#4 Once downloaded, click Next to proceed with the installation.

TeaTV on FireStick using Downloader

#5 Click Install to install the TeaTV app.

TeaTV on FireStick using Downloader

#6 After the installation, you will see an app installed notification.

#7 Click Open to open the app. Else click Done to go to the Downloader home page.

#8 From the popup, click Delete to delete the APK file permanently.

How to Install TeaTV on Firestick using ES File Explorer

Although ES File Explorer is a file manager app, you can also use it for sideloading apps on Firestick.

#1 Open ES File Explorer on your Firestick.

#2 From the left expandable menu bar, click Tools > Download Manager.

TeaTV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

#3 From the bottom, click +New.

#4 A dialog box appears in the popup. Enter the URL https://bit.ly/2Q3kH0L in the Path field. Enter TeaTV in the name field. Click Download Now.

TeaTV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

#5 Wait for the ES File Explorer to download the TeaTV APK file.

TeaTV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

#6 After it gets completed, click Open File.

TeaTV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

#7 Click Install to install TeaTV on your Firestick device.

TeaTV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

#8 Now, the app opens on the Firestick. Click Install from the bottom right corner.

TeaTV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

#9 Lastly, tap Open to run the TeaTV app.

TeaTV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

How to Use TeaTV on Firestick / Fire TV

#1 Long press the Home button on the Firestick remote for a few seconds.

#2 Click on Apps to see the installed applications on Firestick.

Click Apps from the list

#3 Click on the TeaTV icon to launch the app.

TeaTV on Firestick

#4 When you open the TeaTV app, you will get a disclaimer that you need to Accept.

click Accept in the prompt

#5 From the list of languages, choose a subtitle language and click OK.

Choose subtitle from the list

#6 In the TeaTV Subreddit popup, click Visit to subscribe to TeaTV. Else click Cancel to skip the step.

TeaTV on Firestick

#7 Finally, you are landed on the TeaTV homepage with an array of movies, videos, sports, etc.

TeaTV on Firestick

Basically, the homepage displays all the trending content, which you can change from the menu on the top right. Use the Search icon to search for your favorite videos within the app. Click the Menu icon to expand the menu from the left sidebar and browse other sections.

How to Play a Movie or TV Show With Subtitles

1. From the TeaTV library, choose a movie or TV show and click on a source URL.

Select a Movie or TV Show

2. Click Play with subtitles from the pop-up window.

Play with subtitles

3. Then, choose a subtitle you like.

Select a subtitle

4. Finally, the selected file will start playing with subtitles.

Video playing with subtitles

5. If you want to change the subtitle font color, go to Setting from the menu.

Setting on TeaTV

6. Next, click on Change subtitle color.

Change subtitle color

7. Select a color of your choice.

Select subtitle color

Tip: You can also change the subtitle size if you think it is very small.

8. Go back to Setting and click Change subtitle size.

Change subtitle size

9. Further, select the font size of your choice.

Select a subtitle size

That’s it. If you play any media file with subtitles, you will see the changes.

How to Integrate Trakt with TeaTV

1. Go to Setting on the TeaTV app.

2. Click Login to Trakt.tv from the options.

Login to Trakt.tv

3. It will display a code to activate your Trakt account.

Note down the Trakt activation code

4. Visit the URL trakt.tv/activate from a web browser. Enter the code and click Continue.

Enter the code and click Continue

5. Tap Yes from a pop-up window.

Click Yes

6. If Trakt linking is successful, you will get a confirmation message.

Trakt linking is successful

7. Else, go back to Setting on TeaTV and check the Status.

Trakt connection status

How to Stream TeaTV on Firestick with a VPN

Using a VPN is a must when it comes to using unofficial apps on Firestick. So, you can use ExpressVPN for streaming TeaTV on Firestick. Here are the steps to watch TeaTV using a VPN.

#1 Launch ExpressVPN on your Firestick.

#2 Sign in with your account credentials.

sign in with your account details

#3 Select any server to connect.

Click Connect to start using VPN

#4 Click OK to configure VPN.

Click OK to configure VPN

#5 Once connected, open the TeaTV app and start streaming your favorites without hassle.

After the shutdown of the Terrarium TV app, TeaTV remains the best alternative for watching entertainment content for free. TeaTV is very light and it works perfectly with Fire TV 4K and Fire TV Cube.

Best Alternatives

Like TeaTV, there are many streaming apps with plenty of movies and TV shows for free.


1. Can you install TeaTV on Firestick?

Yes, you can get TeaTV on Firestick.

2. Is TeaTV illegal to use?

TeaTV is not completely legal to use. Legality is based on streaming content.

3. How to update TeaTV on Firestick?

TeaTV will run a prompt when the update is available. Click Update to get the latest version of TeaTV.

4. Why is TeaTV not working on Firestick?

If TeaTV is not working, update the latest version of the TeaTV apk and try again.

5. Is Tea TV safe to use?

Yes, TeaTV is safe to install and use.